​Update 27th November 2018

The 11 value didn't last long. Since then everything had changed many times over. But something very deep stayed. I don't feel comfortable explaining what it is, but you are definitely doing something right on a very profound level.
Thank Shay

One session 25th of November 2018

Hi Kathleen. This app checks different parameters based on intervals between heart beats that measures with the phone camera. I never had more than an 8 on the Productivity and I have been measuring for over a month.

I got 11 now which is the highest value after the session. This is a free BTW called Welltory.

Two sessions 17th and 24th of November 2018

​I first came into contact with Kathleen Woods through Biofield Tuning Meetup group. I attended my first session on the 17th of Nov. I was curious and very interested in this treatment and I went in with open heart and mind. At the beginning of the session I identified areas of my body that was causing me pain and discomfort.

The edge of my field was located and Kathleen worked first on the right side of my body scanning for what was out of tune. I could hear the change of tone of the tuning forks as soon as she was in the field of the  stuck energy and old memories. Work continued until it had been cleared from my biofield. At the end of the treatment I felt grounded and lighter, like a load had been lifted from my whole body.

During the week after the treatment I noticed the following improvements, my sleep was solid during the night, I felt grounded, strong, energetic and positive. I experienced having more joy going to work and tasks were completed with ease.

My 2nd session was the following week the 24th of Nov. Kathleen worked on my left side of my body and there were many issues related to mother and the sadness I  still had. I felt really balanced and strong after these two sessions. I really like how fast this treatment has worked for me.

I'm so grateful to have come in contact with Kathleen, a very compassionate and dedicated practitioner  in Biofield Tuning.

Many thanks again,

Regards, Theresa

Two Session  November 10th 2018

Through Meetup Groups " Tuning the Human Biofield " in Tuam Ireland. I gave 2 sessions.

Working  on one energy point for each person the results were very powerful.  

Chelo F.

Tuam, Ireland

There were some shifts, especially a feeling of self appreciation and belonging that came out of this session.

I'd love to have another session.

Shay L.

Tuam, Ireland

I hardly think that it is a coincidence, but a shift started the day after our meeting. It was so powerful that it's almost scary to talk about it. It's much more than I would have imagined could happen in such a meeting.

Many thanks.

Three Sessions August 15th 2018

I was curious but had no expectations except that I already had gained respect for Kathy's devotion to her healing practice. I have a stressful life and an eventful history- having approached a lot of residual effect from trauma in previous therapy processes. The treatment itself was a powerful, pleasant and interesting experience (though I fell into a deep sleep on two of the occasions). I feel like a different person afterwards and on each occasion it's caused a sudden and welcome 'chillout' in my mood and I notice myself dealing with everything in a much more calm condition much closer to the 'equanimity' I certainly aspire to but rarely achieve. 
I'm also inclined to believe some permanent change has taken place for the better and am very grateful for the treatment.

Sean H
Dublin Ireland

​Three sessions  March 5th  2018​

I have had the pleasure of receiving 3 Bio-energy field Tuning session with Kathleen so far.  On the first session she discovered I had a lot of areas to work on.  No surprise to me. But the one screaming for attention was my Throat area, so she worked on both my mothers side and my fathers side.  After the session was done I shared with her that I do have trouble speaking my truth or standing up for myself with my husband, if it may cause trouble or rock the boat.  
The next morning and throughout that day I was constantly having  to clear my throat.  Clearly Kathleen had moved energies and that was the physical manifestation.  The other thing I noticed was the overwhelming feeling that I need to have the talks with my husband that I have been putting off.  
During the second session she worked on my throat again.  Following that session I again was having to constantly clear my throat.  After a few days my voice actually became raspy like I had a sore throat, but I didn't.  Also the heavy feeling that I need to start having those talks.   An interesting thing came up during this time period.  An issue came up between my husband and I.  It was a situation that he wasn't aware of anything wrong, but I was very irritated by something he had done.  I knew I had to talk to him about it, so I put on my big girl panties on and talked to him in a nice calm manner.  It was easily resolved. PROGRESS!!!! 
After that, boy did stuff start to bubble up.  First it was current stuff with my husband, then older stuff with my first husband.  It was memories of old situations where I did not say what I should have said or I did not stand up for myself.  They  brought up all the old suppressed anger and I felt like a volcano getting ready to blow.  So I took my dogs for a walk and purged.  I pretty much said everything I should have said  during those situations only in a much more aggressive manner.  My dogs ears were burning..

The interesting thing that happened a few days after that was an old memory came up. It was  of my mom and dad.  It was like I had to deal with and release all that other stuff and get it off the top before this old one could come up.  Anyway,  it was Christmas Eve, I think I was about Junior High age and my mom was getting the dinner ready.  I don't recall what the problem was, but clearly my mom and dad had a confrontation, and all I remember is my dad yelling and grabbing the car keys, slamming out the door, and driving off.  I remember my mom crying quietly in the kitchen still trying to get dinner ready and us kids scared and quiet and not knowing what to do, trying to help her with dinner.  I was scared not knowing if my dad was coming back (he did), and my mom was upset and crying.  Clearly traumatizing for a child and there is not a doubt in my mind that this is where I learned "it is not safe to speak your mind, or your opinion, or to stand up for yourself, or to say "no" to my husband. 
I just recently had my third session.  So far, just more throat clearing which means I just need to work on having those talks with my husband and learning that it is safe and that I will be OK.  I believe we have found the trauma or the root cause and hope that some of the fear goes away and it becomes easier for me to initiate the talks.

Thank you Kathleen for your patience, and your determination to get these stuck energies unblocked and moving, and hopefully gone.

Connie Layman

Bozeman, Mt.


Three  sessions. August 2015

Kathleen is the most wonderful Healer... She came into my Life at the perfect time. I was suffering from sciatica and barely able to function due to the intensity of pain. Using her Tuning Forks,  which I believe connect with vibration and energy. She very gently and respectfully took away the energy blockages causing my problems. This form of healing is amazing. Her soft and sympathetic energy creates a bond of trust and love. I feel blessed that she healed me and send her Love and Gratitude... Thank you Darling [❤] ️
Mandy Hawkins [❤] ️
 Gascony France

One session. September 27, 2015

Always a different part of my body responded to different sounds. Feelings of waves going through my body. At certain spots, feeling that my core wanted to go up, and I think it actually did a bit. Feeling something was lifting out of my physical body a little, which then felt disconnected from me, e.g. no sensation of my arms and hands especially. It felt similar to unwrapping a sweet, and the wrapper was my body.
When I managed to switch off my thoughts, constant images of plants flowers and trees came up. On my left side I had a slightly uneasy sensation in my chest, throat, and stomach area and no more plant images. The left side in general felt darker (it was also getting darker outside) with a bit of discomfort. At this time I also had to pee urgently.
Over all a constantly increasing wash of vibration in my body that felt soothing and relaxing and that is still on going as I write these words.

Thank you for a wonderful experience, beautiful.

Marie Darf
Jandelsbrunn Germany

 Two Session September 17th  & 24th

Kathleen made two sessions on me and my quite hectic life. She is not only a greatly passionate and absorbed in what she is practicing, sound vibration healing, but also a great friend and listener. It's a combination needed to have a trusting healing experience. Having two sessions it was interesting on the second one to observe more than on the first one. On second time I felt how my flickering mind got switched off and I could have a glimpse of our true nature - full of eternity, knowledge and bliss. On both times the sound vibration of the forks got me asleep exactly at the same time. I felt like the nitric oxide inside of me starts to flow due to the resonating vibration. After both sessions I was very tired, like plenty of dust was removed and the lighter being underneath the dust needed to get used to it. I think I never had such a deep sleep experience. After I got back I had a feeling of being grounded and like an empty table ready to get fulfilled with beautiful things. Then we had a conversation with Kathy who told me what she felt during the session (the same in both sessions) and gave me tools to let go of things I have kept with me to limit my energy. I am inspired by her determination to help people and her gentle and loving nature ready to guide us to our roots through sound vibration. Thank you Kathleen.

‎Ann-Mari Kujala
Jandelsbrunn Germany

One Session October 7th, 2015

Sound therapy was beautiful and relaxing. While Kathleen was working on me, I felt how she was dragging something out of me like all the tension leaving my body and mind. I felt so light. I all most couldn't feel my body. I felt my muscles tingling on the places where she was working . After therapy I was feeling so light. It was a very nice experience.

Phoenix Lavanga
Jandelsbrunn Germany

One Session Oct 10th 2015

I  believe that your therapy was a big part of me overcoming emotional baggage that I had been holding on to for decades. I'd always hear that sound vibration so powerful but never actually considered it. I feel my emotions are so much less eratic and I feel the left and right sides be be more balanced. During the treatment you radiated so much internal and natural beauty. Thank you for being such a good friend to me when I needed it. That was the greatest healing of all!

Gita Devi

Jandelsbunn Germany