Qualification, Achievement:

(photo above) Most recently I trained personally in 'Tuning the Human Biofield' (Level 1 & 2) with the originator of the system; Eileen McKusick  in 2017 in England.

Below is a brief history of my previous training and experience:

In 2003 l left  the corporate travel industry after 17 years of high stress sitting in a cubicle,  to become a  licensed massage  therapist - 

This is when the magic started...

2003: I had been gifted a Reiki attunement from level 1 up to master level. 

2004: Certificate training course Equissage, Equine Sports Massage therapy in Round Hill Va.

Certificate training course in Quantum Touch, practitioner, then instructor  - 2005.

Practical Mastery level one and two through Bill Austin - 2008.

Studied the teaching of Lester Levinson, and purchased the ICap Release Meter to verify and test the releasing of suppressed energies/traumas on myself - 2008.

Purchased Gary Craig’s CD’s EFT "Emotional Freedom Technique" - 2008.

Took Silvia Hartmann's online course "EmoTrance" - The reintegration and healing of energetic pathways - 2008.

3 day certificate class in Washington D.C.  " The Domancic Method of Bio Energy Healing"  level one - 2011.

Tuning the Human Biofield - Completed level 1 and 2  at The Abbey in Courtney Sutton UK - 2017.

​"The Emotion Code"  Certificate Training Course  in process.

Ireland - March, 2019.

Thanks for your  interest.


About Me...

Hello and welcome !
My name is Kathleen Woods.
My story is tragically magical, leading  a little girl through uncharted waters.
Instinctively she used her compass without maps navigating on the winds of choice and chance.
I call the tragic part " the edge of exploration ".  
I believe I signed up for it, which is subjective.