​​Tuning The "biofield”

The biofield  is the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of measurable electromagnetic energy that surrounds our bodies at a distance of about five to six feet. 

All of our life experiences, our memories  from gestation, birth and even the attitudes of your parents pre-conception all the way to present time seems to be stored within the biofield. Like personal  historical records.  So  when a vibrating tuning fork is  passed through these records,   like a needle on a album, the forks will broadcast what is  there in that time line.  Their seems to be a kind of noise or static, a resistance,  a definite change in tone and vibration showing where these  memories  are being held and the meaning behind them.   The closer to the body the more  recent or current the emotional situations are. Like  rings in a tree.

 Using the forks to comb the biofield I locate, identify and interrupt the  incoherent  energy patterns.  Finding the essence of these energy patterns  which appears to be light , biophotons and have an  electrical  charge that sits on this memory. You can hear it and  feel it.  These are incoherent electromagnetic patterns that seem to be stuck in the field.  Unprocessed emotions will rise up in some way. By sweeping the field with vibrational sound, the  energy patterns  become defused. This process changes how the body refers to this memory. Eckhart Tolle refers this as unplugging from the pain body and moving into the unified field where you are able to move forward in your life with a more balanced perception. An expanded  awareness and flow.  In to the now. Liked de-fragging a hard drive.  The tuning forks balances both the anatomy of the bio field and the tonal out put of the body's system. What your sending out is what is reflected back to you. 

My practice using biofield tuning is a method that produces predictable, repeatable, and consistent outcomes of symptom reduction and even elimination sometimes in just a single session of stress, anxiety,  adrenal burnout, digestive problems and much more.

Bio photons are constantly releasing and sending out information to every single atomic particle around you.....What messages are you sending out and attracting ?


A chakra before and after sound treatment  with tuning forks.

Our energy field attracts the energy signals that we transmit.

  ( Like attracts like )

Think about it.